Warcraft film props brought to SDCC floor

This week the folks at LEGENDARY have brought some heat to stoke the fire under their upcoming video game-born film Warcraft. To the show floor at comic-con they've brought three massive props set to be used in the upcoming film. Here lies the Dragon Sword, the Lion Shield, and the Doomhammer.

For those of you who know very little about the world of Azeroth and the entire Warcraft universe, three short descriptions have been shown by LEGENDARY to keep you in the know. First is the Lion Shield – "symbol of the strength of Azeroth."

You'll also find the Dragon Sword near the shield – "this gearing blade is wielded in the name of the Alliance." Finally there's the Doomhammer. Terrifying enough in name, this bashing stick is a "a savage orc weapon unleashed in the name of the Horde."

Is it tougher than Thor's hammer Mjölnir? Not so much. Tougher looking? Sure, why not?

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