Wappy Dog for Nintendo DS controls a real robot puppy

The first Nintendo console had back in the day came with this robot that you could control with one of the games. The idea was that the bot would lift these things that looked like tops and open the gates in the game for your characters to move though levels. The reality of that game was that it was only fun for about three minutes. Nintendo has a new game that is for the DS coming soon called Wappy Dog. Wappy Dog is possibly the worst game title ever.

That title aside the dog is a cute little blue robot that comes with the game. The game allows the kids to feed and play with the robot puppy with the upside that when your kid gets tired of messing with Wappy Dog you can just turn it off rather than having to clean up poo yourself. This is sort of an extension of those odd virtual bet key ring things that were popular with kids a few years back.

We don't have much in the way of hard details on the game. I think we can count on an E rating for sure considering what the game is. Details like the launch date and the price aren't offered right now. I know my daughter will want this game, I hope it's reasonably priced.

[via Kotaku]