Want to make your Wii show a little more skin?

Looking for a way to personalize your Wii a bit? Now you can purchase these all new skins for it. If you go to the manufacturer's site they have pages of these skins to choose from, which means it's highly unlikely that your friends will have the same ones.

They have anywhere from plain solid colors to flowers and skulls. My personal favorites are the tie-dyes and the skulls. They make it extremely difficult to choose just one; I guess you will just have to buy a couple more Wii's just to accommodate all the cool skins.

Each of these skins is only $14.99. If you are looking to cover more of your techie items with these cool skins they also offer them for your ipod, GameCube, and a few other game consoles.

Pimp your Wii with some new skin [via Shiny Shiny]