Want to go to E3? This year you can, sort of

When I was a kid, I dreamed of going to E3. I'd get to go and play all of the unreleased games, and be the envy of all of my friends. There was just one tiny problem that my young mind hadn't figured out yet: E3 is an industry event. Regardless of your passion for video games, you'd be turned away at the door, unless you had some credentials. But this year, E3 is changing some things up.

No, you won't be getting in the door to rub elbows with your favorite developer. Trust me, you'd be pretty disappointed as an attendee, anyway. You'll spend more time waiting in line than you would actually experiencing the fun. So instead, the organizers are putting on a separate event that's less focused on the industry side of things, and more about gamers doing exactly what they want to do. Which is play video games.

The new event is called E3 Live. While we've seen other companies put on separate events at the same time, this marks the first occasion where there is another E3-branded event hosted by the ESA. According to the page, you'll be bale to test out the latest games, as well as hardware while you're there. You'll also get to meet some industry personalities, and listen to live music.

The best part about this event is that it is free to the public. You'll need to register in advance, and they can't guarantee that everyone who registers will get in the door. The event will run for four days, so if you go, I imagine you'll be able to find a time where you can get in and have some fun.

Source: E3 Live