Want to buy your own oil platform?

If you like the way the pirate geeks at PirateBay were thinking when they wanted to purchase that manmade island that was basically a couple pilings into the ocean floor and a helicopter pad way back in 2007, we have a deal for you. An oil company called Statoil has an oil drilling platform for sale. The platform would have to be moved, but it's big. The thing has 20 bedrooms.

The ad the company has reads, "Well kept 20 bedroom platform for sale. Panorama sea view and plenty of room for a helicopter." Right now, the platform is drilling away in the North Sea in the Veslefrikk field. That field is running dry and will be closed in a couple years. The company is thinking that rather than just scrap the platform, which is still functional, it will sell the thing.

This is where the odd comes in. According to Scand Kitchen, the platform can be purchased for 13 pence, but the buyer has to move it. At first, we thought they were serious about the price and this was a bit of a joke on the sellers part. It does appear that the platform is legitimately for sale, but we think the 13p part is the joke. The seller will consider just selling parts off the platform such as the jacket, which is apparently the part that goes under water. Still, you could become your own king if you have the loot it would take to buy this platform and move it somewhere.