Want A Better Signal? Get A Cell Phone Tower In Your Front Yard

Rue Liu - Feb 2, 2011
Want A Better Signal? Get A Cell Phone Tower In Your Front Yard

One family in Brookhaven, Long Island may not have to worry about power signal strength, but they now have a three-story high eyesore to deal with. The cell phone tower was erected on their front lawn less than a week ago.

“The company is trying to get an advantage. They want to plop something on my property and I lose complete value of my house,” said Michael Di Marco. The tower definitely sticks out as its taller than the trees, light posts, and there are not utility poles around. The Di Marcos said they were lied to from the start. “They told me it was an extra light the town required,” said Michael Di Marco.

The Di Marco family and town officials discovered that NextG Networks, a California based company, was responsible for the tower. The company is being accused of putting up the tower without permits, plans, and the necessary bonds to erect a cell phone tower near the town’s roads.

“We’ve called it construction by ambush. This thing just showed up one morning,“ said Brookhaven Superintendent of Highways John Rouse.

Lori Di Marco said she spoke with NextG and found their response ridiculous. “They said FCC…granted them the right to do so and provide communication service, it was a public necessity.”


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