Walmart VUDU Spark streaming stick details arrive

Google, Amazon, and Roku have all gotten into the streaming stick game, and signs surfaced a couple months ago that Walmart would soon be doing the same in conjunction with its VUDU service. Now the company has put up a page that shows that launch is imminent — Walmart is touting its new VUDU Spark streaming stick, a small dongle that resembles Roku's streaming stick and functions, more or less, in the same manner. The device should be up for sale any time now.

Walmart has put up a page on its VUDU domain fully detailing the device, which it will be selling for $25 on and in its stores. The dongle doesn't appear on the retailer's website yet, but given the product details and new promotion that has been listed, it is anticipated the device will be showing up in the near future.

The Spark dongle includes a remote and connects users to the VUDU video service, providing access to one's library over WiFi for easy access. Video streaming is supported in up to 1080p; there's support for up to 7.1 digital surround sound, as well. The remote runs on a couple AAA batteries.

Walmart is promising up to five months of a $5/month credit (equal to the $25 you'll spend for the dongle) for those who jump aboard when it arrives. The obvious limitation is that the Spark only works with Walmart's VUDU service, which isn't as popular as some competitors.