Walmart PS5 restock ready for Cyber Monday, but there's a catch

It's Cyber Monday, and even though there aren't going to be any discounts on the PS5, there are some stores that will be restocking the hard-to-find console. Walmart is the main retailer we'll be looking at for this PlayStation 5 stock on Cyber Monday, but as with many restocks these days, there are some strings attached. If you miss your chance with Walmart today, you might be able to snag a PS5 later this week from another major retailer.

Walmart PS5 restock slated for today

First and foremost, Walmart will be restocking the PS5 later today at 12 PM EST. Both versions of the PS5 – the $500 standard edition and the $400 digital edition – will be restocked, which is good news. However, the bad news is that you'll need an active subscription to Walmart+ in order to buy one of these PS5s later today.

Walmart+ is a monthly subscription that gives various special benefits, such as free delivery from a specific store, free shipping for online orders, and gas discounts. It costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year, so it's pricey if you usually shop elsewhere and are only turning to Walmart in an attempt to secure a PS5.

PS5 at Walmart

PS5 Digital Edition at Walmart

The fact that it's required for today's PS5 restock could be a good thing for subscribers in the end. After all, not everyone will be willing to open a Walmart+ subscription just so they can have a chance at snagging a PS5, so this requirement could thin the pool of potential buyers significantly. On the other hand, it doesn't feel good to have to sign up for a monthly membership just for a chance at a PS5, and even worse is the fact that you can't simply sign up for a trial membership before the listings go live later today – it seems you have to be a paying member for a chance to buy a PS5.

Walmart's restock later today actually isn't the first PS5 restock of Cyber Monday. GameStop restocked some of its PS5 bundles early this morning, but that went more or less as expected, with available stock selling out almost immediately. Someday a retailer will be able to keep PS5 stock on hand for more than a few minutes, but it apparently is not this day.

A potentially massive Target restock inbound

While Walmart and GameStop seem to be the only retailers restocking today (barring any surprise, unannounced restocks), those on the prowl for PS5 might want to keep tabs on Target as we move through the week. YouTuber Jake Randall – who has been primarily using his channel to track PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks since both consoles launched last year – has tipped that Target may have a massive restock coming soon.

In a Twitter thread posted over the holiday weekend, Randall said that Target is gearing up for its biggest PS5 restock of 2021, noting that some stores have over 100 consoles on hand and ready to sell. Randall thinks this restock is likely to come sometime on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday instead of Cyber Monday, but notes that it's worth keeping tabs on Target throughout the week just in case consoles drop early.

Of course, there's always a chance that other retailers enter the fray with PS5 restocks of their own, but for now, it seems that Walmart and Target are the ones to watch. If you're on the hunt for a console, be sure to check out our tips guide for securing a PS5, but otherwise, good luck.