Walmart Offers Super Bowl/HDTV deals

Surprise! More HDTV deals in the week of Super Bowl. If the Sony's HDTV and Blu-ray bundle deal is too steep for your wallet; Walmart has announced its Super Bowl/HDTV deals with much affordable units, plus a $100 gift certificate to stock up the rest of the party staples.

Walmart deals include a reduce price 32-inch Samsung LCD HDTV at $498 and a 46-inch Sony LCD at $1,298, and both unit come with an additional $100 store gift card. It's said to have discounted at the same level of Black-Friday deals, and not counting the extra $100. I don't know if you can apply the gift discount on the purchased set, but the extra $100 should be plenty to stock up beers and chips for the big game.

According to the report, the promotion went into effect yesterday; presuming in store only, as there aren't any online promotes to be founded, and we do not have technical details on the discounted sets.