Walmart Nintendo Switch bundle makes the case with Mario

Eric Abent - Dec 3, 2019, 1:36pm CST
Walmart Nintendo Switch bundle makes the case with Mario

If you made it through both Black Friday and Cyber Monday without picking up one of the Switch bundles on offer, Walmart is back today with a new bundle to tempt you. This is the third distinct Switch bundle we’ve seen throughout the week, and it’s a pretty solid alternative to yesterday’s Cyber Monday deal.

The bundle Walmart is offering runs the typical $299.99 – which is the going rate for a standalone Switch. Unlike the Cyber Monday bundle, which came with a 128GB microSD card, or the Black Friday bundle that included a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Walmart’s new bundle comes with a few different extras.

For starters, the Joy-Cons included in this bundle are the Mario Red Joy-Cons that featured in certain Switch packages around the time of Super Mario Odyssey‘s launch. Unfortunately, you don’t get a copy of Super Mario Odyssey to go along with your new Switch, but you do get a red Mario and Bowser carrying case and a $20 credit to the Nintendo eShop.

So, no free game, but the other bonuses included in this bundle may make it worth a look. While you find much of anything made by Nintendo for $20 on the eShop, the Switch has become a solid platform for indie titles, many of which cost less than $20. Assuming you pick out the right games, you could even pick up two or three with that eShop credit.

Walmart’s website doesn’t say when this deal will end, but like most hardware offerings that launch around this time, we’d expect availability to be limited. A quick look around at other retailers like Amazon and GameStop suggests that this may be a Walmart exclusive, but we’ll keep an eye out and see if it pops up anywhere else.

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