Walmart just dropped Express Delivery's annoying restriction

A few months after dropping its $35 minimum order requirement for its Walmart+ subscription, the retailer is back with a similar announcement: you can now get Express Delivery on any orders, not just ones that reach a $35 minimum threshold. The change doesn't impact the delivery fee, however, so customers will still pay a premium for the service.

Walmart's Express Delivery option provides products to customers within two hours of the order being placed. The delivery option is available at most of Walmart's stores in the US, offering customers who need items quickly to get them — if they're willing to pay an extra fee on top of the usual delivery fee.

You'll no longer have to place a $35 minimum order to get Express Delivery, assuming you live in a region where this delivery option is available. The rapid delivery is available on products sold at your local Walmart store, including food items, electronics, and general merchandise.

The service is offered at a premium — Express Delivery includes a $10 fee on top of the usual delivery rate. The benefit is obvious, however, as a way for someone to quickly get cold meds, last-minute food items, and similar things they forgot to pick up in person.

Customers don't have to be Walmart+ subscribers to choose Express Delivery, but those who do have a membership are able to get the faster delivery option for $10 without the additional delivery charge. Express Delivery joins Walmart's ordinary delivery, which costs $7.95/$9.95, as well as the free curbside pickup option.