Walmart begins giving credit in exchange for unwanted gift cards

Immediately following the year's largest gift-giving holiday, Walmart has launched a new service where it will accept your unwanted gift cards from other retailers, and give you a Walmart gift card instead. What better way to take advantage of a time when people are trying to figure out what to do with gift credit to places they don't really shop. Walmart's new website for the program is actually in partnership with CardCash, which already offers to buy and sell unwanted gift cards.

The site states it will offer a maximum of 97% of a gift card's value, however that rate varies greatly depending on what retailer the card is from. The cards with the highest return seem to be from Amazon, usually worth 95% of their value, due to how easily they can be re-sold. But a gift card from Gap is only earning around 84% of its value right now.

The service is easy enough to use, as all customers need to do is enter the store name that the card is from and its value. Walmart's CardCash page will immediately display an offer amount, and if it's accepted, the card's number, PIN, and any other necessary information must be entered. Once completed, user receive an email with the details for a Walmart e-Card that can either be used online, or in-store.

The two most handy aspects are that users never have to mail the physical gift card anywhere, and that the site will accept a card of any value, meaning a card that's been partially redeemed can still be sold for whatever remaining value it has.

Walmart notes that the partnership site with CardCash is still labeled a test for holiday period, but they add that they might continue the service if customer demand remains high.

VIA TechCrunch

SOURCE Walmart CardCash