Walmart announces new in-home disc-to-digital service at CES 2013

Craig Lloyd - Jan 7, 2013, 11:00 am CST
Walmart announces new in-home disc-to-digital service at CES 2013

Gadget manufacturers may be the ones taking the limelight here at CES 2013, but retail chains are also making an appearance and announcing some cool new services. Case in point: Walmart just announced an expansion to their disc-to-digital service by bringing it to the comfort of your home, making it easier to convert your physical media.

The new in-home service is powered by video-streaming service VUDU, and it will give users the capability to convert DVD and Blu-ray movies to UltraViolet digital copies. UltraViolet is a free, cloud-based digital library that allows users improved flexibility with how and where they watch movies and TV shows that they’ve purchased.

Walmart is making the process fairly simple as well. Users just need to go to the VUDU website, or open up the desktop app on Windows or Mac, and then search for content that you already own in physical form. You’ll then have a couple of options to choose from: converting a DVD or Blu-ray to digital for $2 each, or upscale a standard-definition DVD to HD for $5 each.

The new service is set to launch sometime in the middle of February, but the VUDU mobile app is available for download in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Walmart has announced that it’s giving customers who sign up for a new VUDU account 10 free pre-selected movies when they either sign up for an UltraViolet account or link to an existing account.

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