Walmart acquires MeMD, paving the way for new telehealth services

Walmart has announced the acquisition of MeMD, a telehealth services provider, a business move that will benefit the company's Walmart Health division. With the platform, Walmart Health will be able to offer virtual telehealth services across the US, according to the company, in addition to its in-person centers. The change will come 'over the coming months.'

Walmart announced its acquisition on May 6, stating that it expects the deal to close 'over coming months.' MeMD, the company it acquired, was launched in 2010; it, like many that have followed, have become popular offerings amid the pandemic, enabling users to get medical help without visiting a physical doctor's office.

Telehealth refers to medical appointments that take place over a phone, tablet, or laptop rather than in-person at an office. While there are limitations to this sort of arrangement, these services generally can order labs, refill prescriptions, and make certain diagnoses.

Walmart Health currently offers various in-person services, including optometry, dental, x-rays, audiology, primary healthcare, counseling, and labs, depending on the location. The MeMD acquisition will expand some of these services into the virtual realm with telehealth opportunities.

Walmart Health & Wellness executive VP Dr. Cheryl Pegus said of the new business deal:

Telehealth offers a great opportunity to expand access and reach consumers where they are and complements our brick-and-mortar Walmart Health locations. Today people expect omnichannel access to care, and adding telehealth to our Walmart Health care strategies allows us to provide in-person and digital care across our multiple assets and solutions.