Wall Street Journal has also been targeted by Chinese hackers

Earlier today, we reported that the New York Times has been targeted by Chinese hackers, who were attempting to access files and emails relating to an investigation it performed of the Chinese Prime Minister's family. Now the Wall Street Journal has followed it lead, stating that Chinese hackers have likewise targeted its system.

According to the Wall Street Journal, its computer system had been hacked by China, but it did not specify how, when, or to what degree. Instead, it simply stated that the hacks were an attempt on China's part to monitor how the Journal reported on the country. A spokeswoman said that nothing indicated customer information was messed with, or that the hacking was done for financial reasons.

Says Journal spokesperson Paula Keve in a statement: "We continue to work closely with the authorities and outside security specialists, taking extensive measures to protect our customers, employees, journalists and sources. We fully intend to continue the aggressive and independent journalism for which we are known."

In response to the attacks, the Wall Street Journal has performed a complete change to its network designed to increase security and keep the hackers out. The newspaper is likewise working with security experts to help maintain the safety of its network. Many other news outlets have also been the target of China's attacks, something the FBI views as a national security issue, and that it has been looking in to for over a year.

[via Wall Street Journal]