Wall of Sound 2 iPod dock has 8000 watts of ear destroying power

There is no shortage of iPod and iPhone docks on the market today. You can find a speaker dock to fill just about every need be it a need whether portability or the desire for audiophile grade sound. One of the largest iPod speaker docks ever has surfaced called the Wall of Sound 2.

The Wall of Sound 2 will never be accused of not having enough power, the beast has 8000 watts. The dock can produce 130 dB of sound, which is probably enough to liquefy your bowels. The company says that 130 dB is the same sort of sound output of an F-15 jet with afterburners on from 100 m away.

It's certainly enough power to destroy your ears and make any neighbors within 2 miles hate your guts. The company behind the Wall of Sound 2 has taken some steps to prevent users from going deaf. The gigantic iPod dock comes with some sort of monkey head with glowing red eyes to give you a warning if you're playing too loud.

If the monkey's eyes are red for 5 minutes, its head will "pop" and the music stops. Each Wall of Sound 2 is made in Sweden by hand and measures 3.3 x 5.6-feet. The beast weighs 392 pounds and has 44 separate speaker elements. The Wall of Sound 2 is available for $6900 and features Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app to control the device.

SOURCE: Gizmag