Wall Mounted LED Lamp in the form of throwing stars

If you haven't felt quite enough like a ninja lately, a bit of quirky lighting might boost your confidence a bit. Especially if it seems sharp and dangerous, okay it might not really be, but it is shiny and designed after a dangerous weapon.

One common trait amongst a lot of geeks is the fascination with all that is sharp and pointy, especially if it has anything to do with ninjas. Now whether that is due to their mind over matter appeal or because they can sneak in anywhere they like, I have no idea. The LED throwing stars would be great especially if you had to chuck them into the wall to get them to stick.

However, the sad news is that there really is no word as to how they would work due to the fact they are just a concept design. Hopefully the designer Stanislave Katz will figure out how to turn it into a reality.

[via oh gizmo]