Wall E & Elmo Live robots up for pre-order: the Christmas rush begins

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It could be time to start your holiday robot shopping a little early, as pre-orders for two of the most anticipated film and TV tie-ins begin.  First up is Disney's Wall-E, in the shape of the Thinkways Ultimate Wall-E, which is available from both Toys-R-Us for $249.99 and the official Disney Shopping store for $259.95.  The former says shipping on September 13th, but Robert Oschler tells us he had an email saying mid-October instead; that tallies with the Disney Store.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon they've got Elmo Live up for pre-order, priced at $65.99.  Toys-R-Us have him too, and cheaper at $59.99, but they've limited buyers to five each.  Personally I think one alone would be annoying enough, but then maybe I'm not old enough to play with Elmo.  Both sites are claiming October 14th shipping dates.

If previous years are anything to go by, demand for these toys will be sky-high.  It's probably best to order now rather than risk getting scalped on eBay or, even worse, face a disappointed child on Christmas morning.

[thanks Robert!]