Walgreens to install movie burning kiosks

Next year when you mosey into your local Walgreens you may be greeted by something  quite interesting. In addition to their fancy photo editing kiosks, you'll see another large box that dispenses movies.

The new movie kiosks will burn and dispense flicks right as you wait. Apparently the laws regarding copy-protection have been eased ever so slightly, which allows for companies to sell DVDs that are created while you wait.

There's no discussion about exactly what movies you'll find at these kiosks, however, some smaller studios are excited about being able to release niche titles and outdated movies that they can't sell on regular store shelves. Walgreens hopes to begin rolling these out in just a few months. No word on how much you'll expect to pay for movies created in this fashion.

Walgreens to Offer Movie Burning Kiosks Next Year [via dailytech]