Wal-Mart to sell Toshiba HD-DVD players cheap

In fact they are going to be selling them for about $198 each. That would make them the cheapest standalone HD format player available.

They aren't some cheap knockoff's either, they are the real deal Toshiba A2 HD-DVD players. So if you have an HDTV and don't have an Xbox 360 that you could just buy and HD-DVD drive for, I'd highly recommend getting one of these.

Each Wal-Mart will only get 18 units a piece, and they are supposed to drop on November 3rd, so be ready. Sure, Blu-Ray could beat out HD-DVD, but honestly, with all the multi-HD format players that are being released, I don't think either format is going to "win" but the studios that have already chosen one format or the other are going to stick with it, and then you'll just have to get a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player for that standard.

HD DVD on the cheap [via CrunchGear]