Updated – Wal-Mart to sell Dell PCs in June

Chris Scott Barr - May 24, 2007

Dell has been rumored to be considering allowing brick-and-mortar stores carry their PCs in-store. Apparently, they will sell their first PC from a retail store this weekend in June.

Who will be carrying their PCs? Wal-Mart of course! For some reason it just seems like a perfect fit. I’ve never cared much for Dell’s quality or customer service, and Wal-Mart is about on par with them in my eyes, so it seems only logical that they would team up.

We will apparently begin seeing these systems in over 3,000 stores this weekend Beginning on June 10th. I’ll try to sneak my camera in and see if my local store has any when the time comes.

Updated:I was contacted by a Wal-Mart representative and informed that the original timeframe for release was incorrect. Many sites covered the news that it would happen this weekend, however, they will not be selling these until June 10.

Wal-Mart to begin selling Dell PCs [via crave]

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