Wal-Mart no longer selling Linux-based computers in stores

They came, they saw, they failed. Linux PC's just didn't sell enough units in stores to warrant restocking them in stores. That means that as soon as your local stores run out of stock of their Everex computers, you won't be seeing them again.

You'll still be able to order them online from Walmart.com, and chances are you'll even be able to have them "Shipped-to-Store" or whatever in order to save money on shipping, but other than that you won't be seeing them on the shelves again. Even at prices that are fractions of the cost of the other desktop and laptop offerings Everex just couldn't move enough of the Linux based computers.

For now, its back to corporate greed the Wal-Mart way, that's to say they are returning to an all Windows shop. In case you were wondering how many Linux computer models they are/were offering they had the gPC, gPC2, and more recently the CloudBook with the first two selling for $200 sans monitor, and the CloudBook selling for $400.

[via Canadianpress]