Wal-Mart employee killed in Black Friday stampede

We've been talking a lot about Black Friday here on SlashGear because saving cash during the holiday season is always a nice way kick off the festivities. Plus, during this recession, it's nice for people to get nice gifts for their family without breaking the bank. But if this is what a huge sale does to people, I'm done.

Apparently, a bunch of people showed up for the Black Friday sale at a Wal-Mart in Long Island, NY this morning and at 5 a.m. when the doors opened, people pushed and shoved into the store, ripped the doors off their hinges, and trampled a 34-year old male clerk to death.

A pregnant woman was also trampled, but she went to the hospital for observation. This is completely and totally ridiculous. Is saving a few bucks on a new digital camera really worth someone dying? And all those people that streamed past him on the ground, even as medical workers tried to revive him, were a few discounted movies worth it? I guess what I'm saying, folks, is maybe finish your shopping online this year.