Wakē alarm targets only one sleeper with a beam of light, sound

When one person in a room has to get up at a certain time, it generally means everyone has to get up at that time, as an alarm clock knows no mercy and blesses all equally with the song of its people. There are some alternatives — vibrating wrist bands tend to be the latest favorite, but some aren't so fond of them, either. Waking up to a gradual light is the least startling, but it has the same problem as sound...everyone is exposed to it. The Wakē alarm is different; it uses the same gradual light functionality as sun-simulators and such, but is designed only to shine on the person who needs to get up.

In addition to directing a beam of light at the user, Wake also directs a beam of sound, which is far more interesting. The sound helps wake the user up, but doesn't disturb those who are nearby. The alarm is designed to be mounted on the wall behind one's bed, where it will sense the user's body heat when it is time to get up, rotating as needed to find the user.

When it finds the user, it will direct a beam of light and sound onto them. It is promised this can be used even with a partner in bed. Furthermore, it only a takes a minute or two to install the light, and it only needs to be recharged a few times over the course of a year, making it very low maintenance.

Lucera Labs, the company behind the Wake alarm, is seeking $100,000 USD on Kickstarter, where it has thus far raised a little over $78,000 USD with 37 days remaining. The early bird units are already gone, but those interested can get the alarm with a $249 USD pledge. If all goes as planned, those backers will see shipping in September of this year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter