Waffle on a stick is perfect for carnies

Summer is here and the kids are under my feet constantly as I try to work every day. One thing I can count on as soon as my 5-year-old daughter rolls her crazy-haired head out of bed is that she will want her "waftuls" otherwise known as waffles. Shortly after the waffles are eaten, she will want her first of 157 popsicles of the day.

I am thinking if I had this new waffle iron from Triangular Concept that makes roughly triangular waffles on a stick, I might be able to save myself a bit of time. The waffle iron cooks the waffle goodness on a stick. This would work well at the carnival next to the fried Snickers bar on a stick.

The clean up of all those little grooves in the waffle iron would be a massive pain in the rear. The waffle iron will cook four of the waffles at once in less than two minutes.

via The Trendy girl