WAAV's AirBox X2 will provide free Wi-Fi on Boston's commuter trains

Only a few hours ago we reported that Japanese bullet trains would be adding a Wi-Fi service that commuters would be able to pay to use when traveling. Now there is another company that is adding Wi-Fi to their mode of transportation, only this service will be free to all who whish to stay connected.

WAAV and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) are now installing the AirBox X2 in order to deliver free Wi-Fi on their commuter trains for customers. The entire project will be completed sometime in 2009. The Wi-Fi will be using a 3G connection so passengers will have decent surfing speeds as they try to tune out those around them.

WAAV is making claim that they will be providing "Proportional Bandwidth" so that bandwidth-sucking users who choose to use public services for streaming or downloading files will not be stealing the overall experience from everyone around them. I cannot help but to think to myself, why was this not launched primarily in New York City?