VZW getting UTStarcom XV6800/HTC Titan

James Allan Brady - Oct 22, 2007

So I talked not too long ago about a batch of new phones that Verizon was getting, I am pretty sure this one was on the list. Now here it is in real life with the Verizon badging junk on it.

The word on the streets is that you will be able to buy it on November 2nd, but that’s not official. But surely they should drop it sometime in November, that’s when everyone else is dropping their new holiday sales phones.

No word on price, but if the 8525 from AT&T and the Mogul from Sprint are any indication, don’t expect it to be cheap, highly functional sure, but not cheap. So start saving your pennies if you are a faithful Verizon customer, but really, by now, there are better phones on Verizon already, unless you really want or need the exact spec set that the Titan offers.

Verizon Wireless to get XV6800/HTC Titan in November? [via intomobile]

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