VW bus with tank treads is awesome

Last week I mentioned that a drug cartel in Mexico had made its own tank to transport drugs. The thing about the tank was they forgot to armor the tires and the police simply shot them out and captured the tank and its contents. What those tank makers needed was something with more robust rolling stock like this awesome custom VW van. Apparently the tracked vehicle that is the heart of this crazy custom didn't start life as a VW.

The vehicle underneath is some sort of tracked military vehicle form WWII. The tracked vehicle is said to be a vehicle called the M29 Weasel that was built back in 1945. The vehicle is a true off roader designed to make its way through snow, mud, and just about anything else. The VW van shell is apparently riveted to the frame of the Weasel.

It doesn't exactly look like a safe means of getting around, look at all the rust and the bad paint job. I could see this thing being most welcome by hunters needing to get around a large deer lease in the winter months no matter what the surface is like. If you must own this vehicle, it is for sale though the price isn't listed. Be sure you get a tetanus shot before you take delivery of this thing.

[via Ridelust]