Vuzix WRAP 920AR augmented reality eyewear is geeky cool

I'm not so sure you would want to be seen wearing these glasses outside in public, but they are pretty cool. Vuzix has unveiled the WRAP 920AR augmented reality glasses at CES and the things have a pair of cameras mounted to the lens that project the real world onto the LCD inside the glasses.

The small LCDs offer an image that looks like watching a 67-inch display from 10-feet away. The two cameras on the lenses each capture video at a resolution of 752 x 480 at 60fps. When combined the image is 1504 x 480 and it can be viewed in 3D.

Each camera has a 1/3-inch wide VGA image sensor and they are compatible with PC and Mac computers. The idea behind the glasses is to mix your computer games with characters that look like they are with you in your environment. The idea is cool; I'd like to try and pair and see how they work in the real world. The glasses will sell for $799.99 and will ship in Q2 2010.