VuNow PoD delivers Internet videos on TV at $99

Daniel Lim - Dec 26, 2008
VuNow PoD delivers Internet videos on TV at $99

Set-tops with videos content displaying on your Tv are not exactly the new technology we’ve seen in the increasingly internet videos market. Zeevee’s box taps coax cables, localcasting PC content; while the everyone’s favorite Tivo DVR has recently updated many of its capabilities, delivering both the VOD and free web videos via broadband connection; straight to your TV display. Versimo networks has announced a similar service device that enables internet videos on your TV, the differences between the VuNow Pod and the rest are the sub $100 price tag and its diminutive design that fits in the palm of your hand.

Unlike the Zeevee, the VuNow Pod doesn’t require PC connection to watch web content on your TV. It provides the most simplest and seamless internet videos on your TV from a variety of online video content- movies, global Live TV channels, YouTube to user-generated contents and Bit Torrent downloads via your home wire/wireless network connection or USB, NAS and PC-storage attached devices.

The Verismo VuNow PoD is available now for purchase online at $99. For an additional $50, users can opt for 720P output model with HDMI output. Both are upgradable to feature Bit Torrents and live global Internet TV channels for $29 more. CinemaNow support is coming soon, and that service should be part of a free upgrade, not likely to cost extra except for the content.

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