Vue Wireless Video Network Hands-On and Demo

We've been given the opportunity to take a close look at Vue Personal Video Network's system including, but not limited to, their magnetic placement pods (my title, not theirs,) standard wireless cameras, motion detection cameras, transmission station, in-browser viewing page, and apps for Android and BlackBerry! The items you see in the video below are already out, ready for your hearty purchases and downloads, so get to it!

What we're being shown here is a series of devices that all adds up to you being able to see bits of your home via any web browser or mobile device. You can choose to have your camera on all the time with the standard camera setup or pay a bit more for the motion detection cameras, both cameras being powered by batteries which last months and months and months – magic!

[vms 6785b92134bd6c1d0fa4]

Once you've got your cameras in place (connected to the wall pods via magnet,) you can set up your gateway (essentially a wireless hub,) and you'll be well on your way to total Big Brother control over your home! Or you could use it the way a friend of mine does and put one above your baby's crib and see him or her while you're out on the town (with a babysitter home of course!) Take a peek at the video and the closeup shots of the system below.