VUDU RIA to offer web based streaming to TV, free for subscribers

Just couple months ago, Vudu added its HDX video download with quality equivalent of Blu-Ray, then a high-end rack-mount version of HD media streamer a month later; the company is now hoping to secure the increasingly crowded online streaming market, with a newly launched Rich Internet Application Platform that offers total of 120 channels web based video content to its subscribers, with no extra cost.

The new service is called VUDU RIA. It's based on an open web application development platform to allow Vudu subscribers to have access to Flickr and Picasa photos; to browse and watch free Web video from popular sites such as YouTube but most of its are On demand TV shows "Today,", "Anderson Cooper 360," "Fantasy Focus NFL," "MTV News," as well as to stream some HD programs from Nova, National Geographic, PBS and others, by using the existing Vudu interface and remote control.

Available now, VUDU subscribers should be able to obtain new update for the adding service. VUDU is also offering its open-platform apps to third-party developers, one can only expect more features to come next year.