VUDU gets High-Definition YouTube update

No press release, in fact no fanfare at all, but we're hearing that VUDU have released a minor upgrade for their Netflix streamers that allows users to watch high-definition YouTube content, rather than standard definition.  Previously, viewers were given no option to switch between the two formats (if HD was available); now, VUDU automatically prioritizes the high-definition clip.

The update is free and straightforward to install, merely requiring you to update your VUDU box.  Alternatively, if the box is set to automatically update, it should install the new software itself.  We're waiting to hear whether you can actively switch between standard and high definition content, but given VUDU users more than likely have a speedy broadband connection (considering the primary use of the box is to download films) it's probably not an option too many people would actually use.

VUDU added YouTube functionality, along with around 120 other online content services, back in December 2008.  The players now have access to Flickr and Picasa photos, to browse and watch free web video from YouTube, to choose on-demand TV shows such as "Today" and "Anderson Cooper 360", as well as to stream some HD content from Nova, National Geographic, PBS and others.

[Thanks Andrew!]