Vudu digital movie platform adds useful new Lists feature

Walmart's digital video rental and streaming service Vudu has been updated with a new convenient feature: Lists. With this, users can create lists of their favorite content, organizing them based on things like genre, favorite TV shows and movies, content to watch at a later time, and more. The company includes its free ad-supported content in this new feature.

Vudu is, first and foremost, a digital platform for purchasing and renting digital movies. The service now also includes a number of shows, mostly older ones, that can be streamed by users for free. Vudu has never had the popularity of platforms like Amazon, but it has been around for years and has seen a number of improvements over that time.

The most recent is the addition of Lists, which users can create directly in the 'My Vudu' menu. There are multiple reasons to create a list: you can quickly find new age-appropriate shows for a particular child, keep track of the movies you haven't yet watched, create lists for different people, and have a collection ready to binge-watch on a rainy weekend.

Users can create a large number of lists, add as many shows or movies to them as they want, and delete them at any time. There's also the option of renaming the lists and adding additional content over time. The feature is accessible through My Vudu > My Lists on the user's account.

A quick test of the new feature reveals that users can also add free content to lists, meaning shows that stream on the service with advertisements rather than ones made available for purchase or renting. The feature is available now.