VTech DS6321-3 cordless phone merges landline and cellular

With many phone users across the country leaving landlines behind and moving to mobile phones only, the market for landlines and associated landline phones is shrinking. To combat this, landline companies and phone makers are rolling out new landline phones that add features typically found on smartphones for wireless carriers. VTech has unveiled its latest landline phone called the DS6321-3.

The device converges cellular and landline in the first cordless phone that is equipped to download cellular phone directories. The cordless phone sells for $99.99 and can download your mobile phone contact list via Bluetooth. The phone book is large enough to hold 6,000 number entries.

Other features of the device include the ability to synchronize with up to four Bluetooth devices. The phone also supports one call over a landline with another call going over a cellular connection at the same time. Up to 12 cordless phones can be paired with the system and each additional handset costs $19.99.