VSCO Cam Android release brings iOS-friendly editing

Chris Burns - Dec 2, 2013, 3:28pm CST
VSCO Cam Android release brings iOS-friendly editing

As soon as tomorrow the folks behind VSCO Cam will be pushing the app to Android, this after many moons in Beta and quite a few more months on the likes of iOS. This app will bring top-notch editing abilities for photos for those Android users that want to get the very most out of their single machine. At this very moment the pricing and exact timing for this app is not yet known.

The Google Play app store will likely have the app before midday tomorrow given the commonality of apps being published at such a time in general. Users working with this app on iOS are able to do so so long as their device was released in the past several years and uses the newest Apple mobile operating system out in the wild.


UPDATE: It would appear that the VSCO Cam release for Android will be free, at least initially. This release will include a cool 10 presents to begin with along with a collection of editing tools right out of the box. In-app purchases will fuel this app through the future.

VSCO Cam developers suggest that the app will be available for most Android devices so long as they run Android 4.0 or greater. That’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, if you did not know, and it’s with relative confidence that we say you’re more than likely running it or something newer right this minute.

Users will also be able to access VSCO Grid through the standard VSCO Cam app, this showing off some of the finer images to have ever been edited by the app suite. Have a peek sooner than later!

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