VR This: Eating tacos with Danny Trejo (aka MACHETE)

You want to have lunch with Machete, we know it. Now you can do that – you can do it right now. Just open the video you see below (on your smartphone), turn your phone sideways, and tap the Google Cardboard (Google VR) button. The video will split into two and you'll get full VR vision while you snack on tacos with your best buddy Danny Trejo. It is very simple. You will want to do it multiple times. Of this we are sure.

In this video, the folks at Ganglebot Films have captured the experience of eating tacos with Danny Trejo. It's weird. It's also the subject of another film captured in 2D – a movie called "Danny Trejo Eats Tacos For Three Minutes." That's the one we'll be showing you here first, for you non-VR folks.

Incidentally, the experience isn't something that could never happen in real life. This experience is filmed at Trejo's Tacos in Los Angeles.


1048 S LA BREA

Los Angeles, Ca 90019

323 938-TACOS

Ask for tacos. They have tacos for you to eat.

The VR experience is below. Make sure you look behind and to the left and right, as well. There are other people in this taco shop, too.

If you want to see this inside the YouTube app – to make it VR, as it were, you'll want to tap the YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner of the video once it's begun. Go for it!

So, you're interested in a number of VR experiences that do or do not have to do with eating, yes? The future is coming to you soon! This isn't the first "eating with" video we've ever experienced in virtual reality, and it's certainly not going to be the last. Have a dive down our VR-XP tag portal. Virtual Reality Experiences are coming your way.