VR hack lets you play GTA V on Oculus

Hot on the heels of Grand Theft Auto V's release for PC, player communities are finding ways to play in virtual reality using Oculus. These players are hacking the game by assembling basic VR mods for Oculus Rift. The tool behind this VR hack is VorpX, a tool that has been used to force VR rendering for a few games out there like BioShock: Infinite. VorpX's tools can be used to create mods generating full VR modes for first-person games and virtual 3D cinema mods for non-first-person games.

Using VorpX and GTA V's first-person mode makes for a mock-VR set up. In the mod, head tracking is capable of steering you around instead of mouse movement. Here's a nice video of a VR night ride through GTA V on a motorcycle by YouTube user Falandorn. It's easy to watch without the stereoscopic dual screens of Oculus rendering.

YouTuber ImmersiveGamer83 shows off his GTA V VR mod for Oculus, and although he admits he hasn't customized the controls quite yet, he takes viewers on a little tour of GTA in side-by-side view.

To play using VorpX's forced mod, you will need a pretty fancy PC. To force VR, the game has to render twice to create the steroscopic vision for each eye, and your PC should be capable of generating at least 75 frames per second to prevent screen lagging.

Source: PC World