Voyager Golden Record is humanity's soundtrack

Back in 1977 NASA launched a pair of spacecraft called Voyager I and Voyager II. These spacecraft were meant to tour our entire solar system and then venture out into interstellar space. In fact, Voyager I became the first object made by humans to reach interstellar space back on 2013. One of the coolest things about Voyager I and II was that NASA put a record on the spacecrafts just in case ET ever found them.

Both Voyager I and Voyager II had a golden record attached that any aliens finding the probes can listen to with directions on how to play the record. The record contained music from artists of the era, sounds from our planet, and spoken greetings in 55 languages. If you ever wanted to hear just what that record sounds like, here's your chance. You can buy a version of the record traveling interstellar space right now via Kickstarter and give it a listen on your own record player.

The Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition vinyl box set has actual gold vinyl records inside. The records are inside a cloth covered box with gold foil inlay. The LPs inside have all the same music, greetings, and sound that the actual Voyager records has. Each set also has a download code where you can get all the content in MP3 or FLAC format.

The company producing these records has Timothy Ferris, the producer of the original Golden Record, in the studio to remaster the audio for vinyl. The project is on Kickstarter seeking $198,000 and has raised over $1 million as of writing with nine days to go. A pledge of $98 or more will get the box set with all the cool stuff it contains including a hardback book, three gold LPs, Voyager golden record cover diagram, and digital download. Shipping is estimated to happen in August 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter