Voxel8 3D printer can print working electronics

There are plenty of 3D printers on the market that makers use to create the enclosures for all sorts of electronic devices. A new 3D printer has hit the market called the Voxel8 and this 3D printer can print actual working electronics, something few other 3D printers are capable of doing. This printer turned up at CES earlier this month and lets users combine plastic, conductive ink, and electronic components into the same object.

To show what the machine was capable of one of the demos the company performed was the building of a working quadcopter. Other 3D printers out there are capable of printing basic electronics using ink with carbon nanoparticles, which aren't that great at conducting electricity.

The Voxel8 3D printer uses a new ink that replaces the carbon particles with silver making the ink five thousand times more conductive. The more conductive ink allows the circuit to carry higher currents that are capable of supplying power to small electric motors and actuators.

The ink is deposited by a 250 micro nozzle and dries in five minutes at room temperature. Interchangeable cartridges allow the printer to print objects using PLA plastic or conductive silver ink. The printing can also be paused to allow users to manually insert components that will be embedded in the project. The printer itself has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, USB, and WiFi connectivity along with a kinematically coupled bed. The Voxel8 printer will ship later this year for $8999 with two filament spools and five conductive ink cartridges.

SOURCE: Gizmag