Vox amPlugs - Rock out without disturbing the peace

I'm a long-time rocker. By rocker I of course mean Guitar Hero addict. Despite my ability to rock out on a plastic guitar, I can't actually play the real thing, not yet at least. I've just recently purchased my first guitar and I'm not very good at it. I've yet to figure out how to activate star power to make people stop booing at me. Luckily, thanks to this cool amp, no one really needs to hear just how bad I am.

These Vox amPlugs are an awesome idea. I'd like to listen to what my guitar would actually sound like if I decided to run it through an amp, but I don't want everyone to hear me. Yea, I could plug headphones into a practice amp, but who wants to lug one of those around? These tiny amps plug directly into the guitar and give your a place to plug in your headphones.

These tiny amPlugs need only a pair of AA batteries to run. (No word on how long they will last). They come in three different flavors that are styled to classic rock, Metal and AC30 (that's an old Vox amp for those not in the know). The only setback for this is the $70 price. For a little bit more you could just get a real amp and be prepared for the day when you're good enough to let other people listen to you (or just annoy your neighbors on a regular basis).

Vox amPlugs; Stop Annoying Me, You Filthy Hippies [via ohgizmo]