'Vote!!! the Game' lets you beat up presidential candidates

Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment has a new game it would like you to check out, but this one is quite a bit different than the games we're used to seeing from Chair. Dubbed Vote!!! the Game, this new iOS title allows players to assume the role of their preferred presidential candidate and the proceed to beat the tar out of their opponent. The presidency apparently won't be determined by who is the better orator, but rather by who is more skilled with an ice cream cone or a rubber chicken.

As silly as it sounds, the game does tie-in to the actual election, which is coming up here in just a few short months. Chair has announced that it will be giving a portion of the proceeds to the Rock the Vote organization, and indeed, this game is geared toward getting more citizens registered to cast their vote when November rolls around. In fact, players can even get registered right from the home screen of the game, which will no doubt come in handy.

Vote!!! is built on the engine that Chair used to build Infinity Blade, and the goal is to knock your opponent down without taking a hit. You rack up more points the longer you go without being hit, which in turn leads to more virtual votes you can cast for your preferred candidate. As a fun little play on the actual election, Chair will keep a running tally of each candidate's votes so players can see who's ahead and who's lagging behind with the user base. Have a look at the game's official trailer below to get a better idea of how the game plays.

Like Infinity Blade, players will swipe the screen to attack and use buttons to defend or dodge. Players can earn coins to unlock new weapons and outfits for Obama and Romney, with coins also being available to purchase with real world money. Vote!!! is available for free right this very minute on the iOS App Store, so if you're a politics junkie, be sure to give it a spin.

[via Polygon]