Vor-Power flexible battery turns bag strap into portable charger

Chris Davies - Jun 13, 2014
Vor-Power flexible battery turns bag strap into portable charger

Bags with batteries built-in for on-the-go recharging aren’t new, but flexible tech company Vorbeck is shifting the power from bag to strap with its new Vor-Power range. Built using the firm’s flexible battery technology, the Vor-pack strap can curve to suit your shoulder but also squeezes in a total of 7,200 mAh of Li-Ion batteries, good for 3-5x recharges of your phone.

There’s a built-in LED battery status indicator, lighting up through the strap’s fabric, and a pouch for the phone to slot into. A second pouch stores credit cards.

As for the connections, there’s a choice of 5V USB (in 2.1A or 1A flavors) or tethered microUSB (1A) to suit different phones and tablets. The Vor-Power strap itself recharges from a microUSB connection.


Weight is a pound, and Vorbeck says that not only is the strap – which fits over the existing strap of your bag, though the company will offer it pre-fitted to a range of bags and with the option of a customizable logo – waterproof, but rugged enough to be run over with a car and still function. It’ll withstand 100 feet drops, too.

The Vor-Power strap is $129.99 ($89.99 until the end of the weekend) with deliveries expected to begin by July.

SOURCE Vor-Power

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