VoodooPC has a new flagship - the Quad-Core OMEN!

Okay, so hands up everyone who wondered if, after HP bought them, high-end gaming rig manufacturer VoodooPC would get soft.  They've always been known for putting together uncompromising power-house machines – and charging uncompromising prices to boot – so has the HP keep-it-commercial corporate culture taken over?  By the look of their new OMEN PC, resplendant with its Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core processor, I'd say that they're doing a pretty good job of staving off the middle-age spread.

With 70% more processing power than Intel's Dual-Core processors, OMEN tames the firey temperatures the Quad-Cores pump out with a near silent system-wide intercooler and what they're calling an "advanced chamber airflow layout".  Then take your pick between ATi Crossfire or nVidia SLI graphics cards, overclocked as standard and copper-cooled to allow up to WQXGA resolutions on whatever expensive monitors that can manage it.  The basic spec includes 2GB of DDR2 RAM, 80gb HGST SATA hard drive, Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Music soundcard and 1yr warranty.  Like the rest of the VoodooPC range, the system is fully upgradeable, including a modular swappable power supply.

The price certainly hasn't been watered down: starting at $5500, you'd have to really really love gaming.

OMEN Product Page [VoodooPC]