Vonage rolls out unlimited flat rate calls globally for under $25

I haven't had a home phone line in years that I actually used for voice calls. I only have a home line for DSL. I once tried to change to VOIP for my home phone line when VOIP first hit the market and quickly realized that the slow broadband connections in my area made VOIP unreliable.

If you still want a home phone line and have a reliable broadband connection, Vonage has unveiled a new calling plan that is a raging bargain, especially if you call internationally frequently. Vonage has unveiled a new plan that costs $24.99 per month and includes unlimited flat rate calling around the world along with readable voicemail.

The coverage includes more than 60 countries including America, Mexico, India, and China. Along with the new flat rate plan, Vonage is also unveiling Visual voice mail where the voice mails left can be turned into readable messages and sent via email or SMS at no additional charge.