Von Zipper Snow Muffs Headphones That Keep Your Noggin Warm On The Slopes

In a not so terribly original move, Von Zipper has released some headphones that are built into ear muffs, the things that keep your ears warm when its cold out. The catch is that these don't come with their own bracket that keeps them on your head, instead they attach to whatever pair of ski goggles you might be wearing.

Coincidentally, they sell ski goggles too, but the Snow Muffs headphones are only $20 whereas their goggles start at $60 and go up from there. Ski goggles are only moderately important when you first start skiing, but the faster you get going, the more important they become, so, finding some way to keep your eyes and ears warm while playing the tunes that help push you over the edge of that mountain, well its important.

So, if you have a ski or snowboarding trip planned any time soon, you might consider these to keep things fun, just remember, your iPod probably isn't as durable as you are. No word on whether they come in any other materials or colors than what's shown in the picture as they appear to not be available anywhere yet.

[via gizmodo]