Volvo Roam Delivery service will bring groceries to the car

Shane McGlaun - Feb 20, 2014
Volvo Roam Delivery service will bring groceries to the car

Volvo has announced that it will be on hand at MWC 2014 next week to show off its Roam Delivery service. Volvo says that this service is groundbreaking and is the world’s first delivery service for bringing food and items to the car. The idea is that Volvo owners can have their groceries delivered to the car no matter where they are.

The Roam Delivery service will use new Volvo digital keys that allow the owner to select their car as a delivery location when ordering items online. The orders can be placed via a smartphone or tablet and when the delivery happens, the owner will receive a notification.

Once the owner accepts the delivery, the digital key is activated tracking when the car is opened and when it is locked again. The idea is that the driver won’t need to be there to accept the delivery at their car. The system is based on the functionality offered in the Volvo On Call telematics app.

That app also makes it possible for drivers to remotely heat or cool the car and check fuel levels via their smartphone. Volvo says that over half of online shoppers aren’t home to receive online delivers leading to filed deliveries and the potential for theft. Allowing deliveries to be made to the car, wherever the car is located sound like a neat idea, even if it is a bit strange. The car can also be used as a drop off zone for delivery services to pick up items the owner is sending off.

SOURCE: volvo

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