Volt misses 2011 sales goals

GM has offered up the final sales numbers for 2011 on the Volt. The Volt has had some very high profile issues this year with two examples catching fire after crash testing with the federal government. The exact source of the fires has yet to be pinpointed, and the investigation is still ongoing. Some welded parts near the battery pack are being investigated.

The fires and high price of the Volt undoubtedly contributed in part to the fact that GM came in well under its first-year sales goal on the Volt. GM expected to sell 10,000 Volts in 2011 and fell short. The official sales number was 7,671. The best month of sales for the Volt turned out to be December with 1,500 sold.

The Volt grabs lots of headlines, but GM sells many more of its other fuel-efficient vehicles. One of those fuel-efficient vehicles is the Sonic, and another is the Cruze. The Sonic saw an increase in sales of 42% in December and Cruze sales increased 54%.

[via CNET]