Volpin Props Creates Epic N7 Rifle for Mass Effect 3

How awesome is this dude at making replica weapons for video games! We have seen the work of Harrison Krix before back when he made the M8 Avenger replica weapon in his spare time for grins. The dude does some epic work and this time around he was asked by the folks at Bioware to make a replica of the new N7 rifle from Mass Effect 3 to be used in the marketing surrounding Comic-Con.

The dude received the order and made the weapon in only 14 working days! I can't imagine producing something this cool myself in 14-months, much less a few weeks. Krix even had time to take hoards of photos of all the steps of the build process for us to check out. This guys is a replica making god and should have his likeness in the video game me thinks.

The weapon started at MDF and a bunch of glue. The cracks and gaps were filled with bondo, foam and clay, and then molds were made to get rubber parts. The finished weapon looks like it is waiting for someone to pick it up and start a firefight. I wonder how much the finished weapon weighs. This prop is so cool!

[via Volpin Props]