Volkswagen Group working on new petrol engine for efficiency

At the rate fuel prices are going up, and the fact that our resources are limited, the only alternative left for us is to improvise our current technology for optimize fuel efficiency. The Volkswagen Group is doing just that. They are working on a tech that impacts the variable compression ratios that will boost its petrol engine efficiency.

According to Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen Group is working on engines with "electro-mechanical assistance for forced induction" and "variable compression ratios", for the sole purpose of increasing the engine efficiency. The tech-chief did not go on to say how this new technology would be introduced.

Another important fuel-saving technology that will be relied upon by Audi is coasting. Going by what Hackenberg has revealed, the coasting technology will be improved in four stages. The first stage has already been implemented on some the dual-clutch boxes. The next step is to see the technology function efficiently when the car is running below 4mph. The most refined version hopes to get the transmission decoupling and the engine to shut down when the car is cruising at speed, moving downhill or nearing traffic lights that soon to turn red.

SOURCE: Autocar